1250 computer ethical essay

write an argumentative essay of 1,000–1,250 words in response to the questions asked for that topic.

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Topic : Smartphone Backdoors

The police have always had access to tools that allow them to invade our private spaces to look for evidence—if they can demonstrate to a judge that doing so is pertinent to a criminal investigation. However, as more of our activities become mediated through smartphones, evidence relevant to criminal investigations is often contained on these devices in encrypted form, and locked behind passcode checks that may wipe a device after too many failed attempts. Police departments and lawmakers often implore the makers of smartphones, such as Apple, to build secret “backdoors” in their devices, which would allow law enforcement to access and decrypt the contents of a locked device.

Should smartphone developers build “backdoors” into their devices for use by law enforcement? Why or why not? Use at least one ethical theory, at least one reading from Unit 2, and at least one further reputable source to defend your answer.

This assignment has some specific requirements regarding your sources. Your arguments/objections/replies must apply all of the following:

At least one of the course readings discussing ethical theories (namely, utilitarianism, deontology, virtues/vices, or rights).

At least one of course readings from the relevant unit (indicated in the topic).

At least one reputable source not from the course readings (required or supplemental).

“Reputable sources” include news or magazine articles from major publications, peer-reviewed journal articles, non-fiction books from major publishers, and so on. Blogs and social media posts typically donâ€t count. Expert-level sources (e.g. academic journals, professional magazines, government or NGO reports) are preferred.

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