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The paper will be at least 1,500 words in length.
There will be an inch border around the paper.
The title page, the outline, and the works cited do not count as part of the 1,500 words but must be included in the paper.
The font will be Times Roman, 14 point, double spaced.


Write a 1500-word paper about those human relations techniques which make the company a great place to work.
The opening section must be a brief history of the company.
The content of the paper must be developed around any four (4) of the following areas listed below:

Human Relations Theories Used at the Business
Team Building Practices
Motivational Practices
Productivity and Quality Improvement
Job Design and Job Enrichment
Leadership in the Company and the Leaders
Communication Within the Company
Management of Change
Culture of the Company
Pillars of a World Class Organization.


There must be at least six sources (You certainly can have more). Sources of information can be books and magazine articles (preferred by the instructor) by authoritative writers or researchers.
You may use your textbook as one source.
Wikipedia and encyclopedias are not acceptable sources. One of your sources can be the website of the business about which you choose to write. All other online sources must be through the CTC Library.
Materials from sources must be cited or designated using Modern Language Association (MLA) standards

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