2 discussio post-due 9/20 tonight

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Read the article “Why We Hate HR ( ) Address three out of the five questions below: 

    Is there more to HR than its predecessor, PA? Discuss the arguments for and against this notion.
    Based on your experience, to what extent do you agree or disagree with Hammonds’ arguments and why?
    In your opinion, who is responsible for HR not reaching its full potential in general? Who is responsible for HR not reaching its full potential in your organization (if applicable)?
    Based on what you have learned so far, how can HR act as a strategic business partner in general? How can HR act as a strategic partner in your organization?
    After reading Hammond’s article, do you think your employer should increase, decrease or outsource HR roles and functions and why?Use at least one additional scholarly source and provide the link within the body of your initial post to further support your analysis. 

discussion 2:
 EEOC Violations

Read “Case Studies of Age Discrimination in Job Ads ( Select two out of the five case studies and present your defense strategy as if you were the HR representative for the company that potentially violated EEOC guidelines. Try to explain why you may be in compliance, or simply defend your company in lieu of a potential lawsuit. In order to provide a thorough analysis, please use at least two other sources in addition to the official EEOC (

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