Group Project Assignment Clinic Specialties 

1. Find specific information to make a presentation in power point about four pediatric conditions
2.Research the points from 5 to 8 that are in yellow.
3. Recommended book: Neurologic Interventions for Physical Therapy, Second & Third Edition , Autor: Martin Kessler

4. Bibliography with at least 5 references which must include 2-3 peer reviewed journals, no more than 2 textbooks, and only 1 magazine, and information from the APTA website. All citations must be correctly cited using APA format.

Students will research information on their assigned clinical specialty which may be Orthopedic, Neurologic, Cardiopulmonary, Geriatric, Pediatric, or Integumentary (Wound Care/Amputee). Students must include at minimum the following information:
1. Define the specialty area
2. What does the specialty setting “look like”? (Include pictures)
3. What is special or unique to the specialty?
4. State and define 3 -5 common conditions seen
5. Describe 3 – 5 physical therapy interventions commonly used in the pediatric conditions referred below.
6. Discuss other common health care team members involved in the specialty
7. Discuss the physical therapist assistants role
8. Describe clinical specialty challenges that PT/PTA’s may face
9. Interview a PT/PTA that works in the specialty. Interview may be in person or telecommunications. You must provide the course instructor the interview questions prior to the interview.

10. Pediatric conditions:
• Autism
• Cerebral palsy
• Spina Bifida
• Down syndrome

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