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Through March 16thof this year, 12% of patients in the United States who had contracted COVID-19 were hospitalized (Centers for Disease Control). In Orange County, Florida, as of April 8, 2020, out of 931 confirmed COVID-19 cases, there were 129 hospitalizations (The Orange County Register). Use this sample information to conduct a test of significance to determine whether the rate of hospitalization due to COVID-19 in Orange County is greater than the rate of hospitalization in the United States population.

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  • State the null and alternative hypotheses.
  • What test will you use? ____________________________
  • Clearly label a sketch of the sampling distribution with appropriate shading.
  • Test this hypothesis using a significance level of α = 1%. Include all of your calculations.
  • State your conclusion and interpret within the context of the problem.

Check the assumptions and conditions. Note any concerns you might have that would call the conclusion of the test into question.

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