A Review of Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Keri Momon Period 3 English Title: The Hunger Games Author: Suzanne Collins Type of literary material: science fiction- adventure, action, suspense, drama Setting: time-future, place- Panem (the future untied states) Main Character: A. Katniss Everdeen- she is the very main character in the story B. Peeta Mellark-he is the bakers son C. Haymitch-he is the town drunk Point of View- first person because the main character is telling the whole story. Conflicts- man vs. man Man vs. himself Man vs. the supernatural/ the unnatural Plot –
Introduction- in district 12 in the country of Panem lives Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, and Haymitch Narrative Hook- Primrose Everdeen (Katniss little sister) is called as a tribute for the hunger games. Katniss panics to the thought of her little sister being in the hunger games and volunteers as tribute so her sister won’t have to go. Rising Action- Katniss and Peeta and Haymitch are talking about ways to survive in the hunger games on the train. They get dressed up for the ceremony and for the interviews. Then they train with the other tributes, then go and get rated for the judges.
Climax –when they enter the hunger games and fight to the death with the other tributes Falling Action- When they get interviewed for the last time gets on the train and go home. Resolution- when they arrive home back in district 12 The Hunger Games (Introduction) In district 12 nicked named the Seam is a girl names Katniss Everdeen. She wakes up and goes into the wood with her bow and arrow as her usual routine. She crawls under the gate and starts looking for game. And in the woods waiting for her was her best friend Gale. They sat down and enjoyed some bread that Gale scored from the baker and the cheese Prim left for Katniss.

While they were eating they made fun the Capitals accents. After they gathered up their game they went into the Hob and trade then went home to get ready for the reaping. Katniss came home took a bath and got dressed in one of her mother’s dresses. When they got to the reaping they are separated by age and gender. After they show the video of the dark days of the uprising in district 13 which led to the hunger games to show that the Capital is always in power. A woman from the capitol named Effie Trinket who draws the names for the hunger games. Narrative Hook) Effie draws the first name from the girls bowl and read it out loud. The name was Primrose Everdeen. As Prim slowly made her way to the stage Katniss started to panic and ran to grab her sister. But the guard grabbed her before she could reach Prim. Then out of fear she found herself yelling” I VOLUNTEER…… I volunteer as tribute”. They finally let her go to grab Prim. Gal had to come get Prim because she kept refusing to leave. Katniss slowly took her place on the stage. Then the name was called for the boys. The name she pulled out was Peeta Mellark.
She asked for volunteers but no one stepped forward. Katniss saw him and remembered when her family was slowly starving to death and she was lying in the rain. Peeta came out side to throw some bread he burnt then he saw her and threw her the two loaves of bread and went back into the bakery. She quickly lost her concern for she knew in time she would have to face him the Hunger Games. After the anthem a group of Peace Keepers took them into the Justice Building for their last goodbyes. After that they headed for the train to head for the capital. After they got on the train and took off they got ready for supper.
When they arrived at the dinner table they realized Haymitch (the previous victor of the hunger games) wasn’t there. So they got started eating anyway. When Haymitch finally came, he vomited on the floor. So Katniss and Peeta carried him to his room, into the bathroom, and turns on the shower. But when Katniss tries to help clean him up Peeta says it’s ok and tells her she can go. So she went to her room, took off her clothes and hopped into bed thinking Peeta being kind is just a strategy to trick her in the games and make her an easy target. When she wakes up she goes in the dining hall and starts her breakfast.
After the drama is over Haymitch promises that he will stay sober enough to help them if they don’t interfere with his drinking. They all agree. After they pass through the tunnel they see the Capitol and in no time they arrive at the train station. They instantly token by their stylist and they get started on prepping for the ceremony. After they’re done they take her in the remake center so she can wait for her main stylist. She waits about three hours until he finally arrives. She is so surprised by how normal he looks compared to the other citizens in the Capitol. He introduces himself then starts to observe her look.
They go into a room and talk over lunch. After lunch he gets her into her outfit. Then once Cinna is done with her makeup she meets Peeta at their chariots where the other tributes are. Then Cinna and Peeta stylist explain how they are going to light up their outfits with a fake fire. Once the chariots went out one by one finally it was their turn to go out. As they rolled out Katniss got a look of herself on the projector and realized how breath taking she looked. Then felt Peeta’s hand slowly moving toward hers. She pulled away then Peeta said it would make them look good so they grabbed hands and raised them in the air.
As she heard them chanting her name she knew Cinna was right… she was the girl on fire. The next day they begin to talk over dinner about the ceremony and what strategies they will have in the games. After dinner Katniss and Peeta go up to the roof and begin to talk. Peeta shows Katniss the garden and after they get done talking Peeta takes Katniss back to her room then he leaves. Katniss wakes up from her disturbing dreams, drags herself out of bed, and goes to eat breakfast. Eventually Peeta and Haymitch come in and start talking about each other’s strategies and what they’re supposed to do at training.
When they get to the training center they get started learning survival skills Katniss goes over to the camouflage station and finds Peeta. She realized how talented he was. He told her he learned from doing all those cakes in the bakery. Finally the day for the game maker’s judges the tributes on their skills. It came the time when they summoned Peeta. And finally it was Katniss turn to go in and be judge. She grabbed the bow and arrow and tries to concentrate. Katniss aims the arrow and shoots. The arrow didn’t hit any part of the body. In response the game makers starts to laugh and ignores her.
She tries again and she hits the target right where heart is. In excitement she has a big smile on her face but then it fades when she realized the game makers didn’t even see what she did. They were too busy looking and admiring the roasted pig in front of them. In a sensation of anger she aimed the arrow and shot it straight through the group of game makers and hit right in the middle of the apple in the pigs mouth. The games were speechless. To end the silence Katniss said “Thank you for your consideration”. Then she left without being dismissed. After Katniss left, she started to panic.
A novel of thought went through her mind and what’s going to happen. When she entered the room to eat, everybody wanted to know what Peeta and Katniss did. Peeta told them what he did then they turned to Katniss for her explanation. She told them what she did. Everyone was kind of over reacting except Haymitch. He simply got her to say what she did them he just finished eating. Then came the time to see what all the tributes were rated. They went district by district, tribute by tribute. Then it was finally got to Peeta and Katniss. The tributes are rated on a scale from 1 to 12. Peeta was rated an 8.
He was surprised but everyone cheered when they saw that Katniss was rated an 11. They started to get ready for the interview. Haymitch starts talking to Katniss about how she is going to steal the audience. After that she spent most of the day getting prepped up by Cinna. Finally she saw herself and that she was as radiant as the sun. When she arrived she saw Peeta and Haymitch and Haymitch had to remind both of them that they are still friends. The order the interviews went was girl then boy, first to last district. Finally it was Katniss turn for her interview. She slowly made her way to the seat.
The interviewers name was Caesar Flickerman. He asked her what was her favorite thing about the Capitol and she said the lamb stew. From then through the rest of the interview they loved her. When she left she watched Peeta’s interview. As she watched she saw he was natural speaker. But as she watched she heard something so stunning it was unreal. Caesar asked Peeta if he had a special girl back in district 12. At first he said no but then he said there was a girl he had a crush on for the longest. Caesar said if he wins the hunger games she will have no choice but to go out with him.
Then Peeta said that won’t be any help. (Climax) Caesar asked why and Peeta said because she came with him here. Katniss was speechless but filled with rage. So when they got to their floor out of anger Katniss pushed Peeta and he feel down on a broken urn and his hands were filled with the broken pieces. She started yelling at him. Then Haymitch, Effie, Cinna, and Portia came in asking what happened and after everything was said and done they all agreed that Katniss and Peeta would be star-crossed lovers. Then they went to eat dinner. The next day they were going to arrive at the hunger games.
Each tribute is put in a separate room with their stylist. So after they land Katniss meets Cinna in their room and after she’s ready and ate a little food Cinna says his final words then Katniss goes into the cylinder and she lifted up where the other tributes are on their own metal plate. Then a voice announces “Ladies and gentlemen, let the Seventy-fourth Hunger Games begin! ” The tributes have to wait 60 seconds before they can run and start. Katniss sees the bow and arrow but by the look on Peeta’s face she knew he was giving her the look that says” Don’t go for the bow and arrow…… DON’T, NO”.
The gong rings and she realized that she missed her chance, so she goes for the first thing she sees. She goes for the backpack that she had to race to get from a boy in district 9. When she gets it she takes off in the woods. When she gets settled she didn’t see any sign of water so she settled in a tree she sees how many kids died that day then wondering what happened to Peeta because he is still alive. The next day she looks for game then she takes a nap and a sound awakes her….. A snapping sound. Then she sees a fire. She realizes that a tribute had lit a fire.
Then she sees some careers that had obviously made an alliance kill the tribute that made the fire. Then she hears them talking about her saying they need to find her, then she an extra voice. She almost fell out tree when she realizes that voice belonged to Peeta. She hears them saying why don’t they just kill him. The leader from district 2 says that he is the only way to finding her. She realized that the think if she looks for him they can find her and kill her. Her instincts tell her to forget about him. After they leave she goes and cooks a rabbit. After she eats half of it she goes and looks for some water.
After pretty much a whole day she has no luck until she sees a bush of berries. After she grabs some and about to eat them she gets s good look at them, opens it up and sees the juice is blood red. So she tosses them and keeps moving. She climbs a tree and looks for signs of water but sees nothing but the same unending trees. She keeps walking until she is stumbling to the ground. So she climbs into a tree and goes to sleep. She wakes up with pain in her joints with every movement. When she falls on to the ground she feels mud then thinks of the sent she smells.
Then all of a sudden she realizes that a pond is nearby. She crawls into the pond and downs as much as she can then fill her jug fill of water, and then goes into a tree. A few hours later she wakes up to a stampede of feet running. She look up and sees what their running from. It’s a forest fire. She quickly got out of the tree, grabs her thing and takes off. As she’s running she thinks to herself that this fire must be the game makers doing. She runs and takes cover on a stone to catch her breath. Then suddenly a fire ball hits right where she was lying. She jumped right before it could hit her.
Katniss keeps running until a fireball almost hits her but she dodges it but not soon enough. Her calf is screaming with pain. After a while of wondering the pack of careers spot her. She climbs the tree and wakes for them to kill her. But when of then try to climb the tree he falls. She realizes that they are too heavy to climb the tree. In response she starts to mock and tease them. After a while they make a fire and sleep around the tree. When night time falls Katniss sees a pair of eyes looking at her. First she thinks it’s an animal but she takes a closer look then sees it’s the little girl from district 11.
It was Rue looking at her. And she’s pointing at something above Katniss’s head. She looks up and sees there’s a trackerjacker nest above her head. She was about to saw it down but she decided to wait till morning. When goes back down to her sleeping bag she sees there is something on her stuff waiting for her. She knows it’s a sponsor when is in her sleeping bag. After she opens it up she sees it’s a burn medicine. She was relieved and applied it to her wound. When she’s done, she falls asleep. When she wakes up, she looks at her leg and sees that it’s almost healed. Then she gets up and starts sawing the branch with the nest on it.
In the process she gets stung by three trackerjackers. But finally the nest falls and sends the careers running. A tribute named Glimmer died from all the trackerjacker stings. When Katniss climbs down the tree she sees that the dead tribute had the bow and arrows. She grabs them and a ball of relief rolled off of her shoulder. After she got the bow and arrow and walked around for a little while the hallucinations started and out of a blur Peeta comes out limping yelling at her. He was yelling at her to go and runaway. He pushed her and she barely ran but then she fell and passed out on a log.
When Katniss awake she finally was relieved that the hallucinations and the venom had both drained from her system. Then she saw a little person standing behind a tree. It was Rue. When she came out and explained how she helped to get the venom out of the stings. Them they gathered some food, ate then developed a plan on how to weaken the careers. Then they both realized one thing the careers needed. They needed food. So the mad a plan to get rid of all their food. So they made a signal to tell each other that they are ok. So Katniss and Rue started the plan. Katniss went to where the careers were at.
Rue set the distraction and Katniss went into action. She was going to hit the bag of apples with her arrow and blow the mines that were buried and will blow up all their food. So she waited until Rue started and when they left she shot her arrow and blew up everything. When the food blew up Katniss was blown back and hit the ground. When she got up she realized that she couldn’t hear out of her left ear. But eventually she got up and sent the signal to tell Rue that she was alright. As she ran through the forest she never heard the signal back and so she started to panic.
Then finally after all the searching she heard the signal from Rue that meant she was alright. So she followed the sound of the signals. Then all of a sudden she heard a frightening scream. It was a child scream and she knew it came from Rue. So she yelled her name until she responded. Then Rue yelled Katniss name and so eventually she found Rue. She found her trapped in a net. But when she grabbed Rue out of the net and hugged her, a fellow tribute had set up this trap. He threw the spear but Katniss dodged it and killed him with an arrow. But Rue wasn’t so lucky.
When Katniss turned around she saw that the spear he threw entered Rues body. After Katniss saw what happened she took Rue laid her on the ground. Rue asks her if she blew up the food and told her that she had to win. And finally Rue asked Katniss if she could sing to her and she did until the cannon shot telling Katniss that Rue was dead. But instead she wanted to show that Rues death just didn’t mean anything. So Katniss arranged flowers all around Rues body because she knew that all the cameras were on her. After she got up she put up 3 fingers which meant that a loved one would be missed.
So she left and sat down and cried. Then she climbed up in a tree then she heard an announcement from the game makers. They said there were changes in the ruling of the games. They said there can be two victors of the games if they were from the same district. Katniss took a minute to take the news in and without thinking she started yelling Peetas name. When she realized what she did she put her hands over her mouth. But still in excitement she started to climb down the tree but decided to wait till morning. The next day she started the search for Peeta.
She started looking for him and while looking she saw something. She saw some blood and followed the trail. Eventually she made it to the lake and as she was stepping toward the water she heard a voice. It was Peetas voice. She looked down and saw nothing but then Peeta smiled and she saw that he had made a camouflage to blend into the bolder. So she got up cleaned him up and started looking at his wound. He had a deep cut in his upper left leg. She realizes how sick he was when he tells her that he hasn’t been hungry for days so she gets him to eat some dried apples then decides to clean her wound.
She takes off his shoes, socks, and pants and sees how bad it is. The cut is oozing both blood and pus also his leg is swollen. So she pours water over the cut but it begins to look even worse so she makes him eat some dry fruit and she goes and washes the rest of his clothes. Then she chews up some leaves that gets rid of infections and puts them on his cut and the pus begins to drain out of his leg and she think that’s good. After she cleaned his clothes and lets him rest for a while they looked for a new place to rest. So they find a cave like structure to settle in.
She kisses him then goes outside and sees that Haymitch left some broth. Then she practically kisses him awake then gives him the broth that Haymitch sent him. After she makes him drink the broth they go to sleep. That morning she gets up and gets some berries and when she returns he was up and was about to go looking for her. She sat him down and fed him the berries then he told her she needed to rest so he made her sleep. When she woke up she realized how long she slept but it didn’t matter so she tended to his minor wounds then his cut.
When she looked at it her heart dropped. The pus was gone but the swelling had increased, his skin was tight and there were red streaks crawling up his leg. He had blood poisoning. He realizes it to but she doesn’t want to talk about. She makes him some soup but he doesn’t want any although he does want to hear a story. So she tells him the time on how she got her little sister Prims goat. Then there’s another announcement. There was going to be a feast which means each tribute needs something so they are going to leave it in the middle of the arena tomorrow.
Katniss lies and says she wasn’t going but he knew she was and that if she goes he will go too. Then she says ok and goes to clean herself up then sees the sponsor Haymitch sent her. She got excited but then saw it wasn’t his medicine but a small bottle of sleeping syrup. So she mixed it up with some berries to feed to him. As he was eating it he thought they were really sweet then realized what was in the berries but it was too late. He already started losing consciousness. And even when he was going down Katniss could tell by the look on his face she had done something unforgiveable.
She gathered her things and went to go get the medicine. When she got there she observed the area for a while. Then the girl from district 5 ran out got her bag and left. So Katniss went to get her bag but Clove came hit her with a knife and pinned her to the ground. She told Katniss that they had planned to kill Rue. Then Thresh the other tribute from Rues district came and grabbed Clove and started yelling saying “did you kill her”. Clove yelled Cato’s name and he yelled her name back but Thresh already started beating her heard with a stone until her heard was dented.
He looks at Katniss and said “I’ll let you go this time for Rue”. Katniss ran back to the cave, gave Peeta the shot, and then passed out. When she regained consciousness Peeta is looking at her in relief. They ate the rest of the food, laid down, and began to talk. Katniss act him when did he start liking her. He told her the whole story on how he first saw her when she was 5 and how she sang in music class and from then on he watched her walk home every single day. Then right when they were about to kiss a sound scares then. Peeta goes outside and Haymitch sent them a feast to eat.
After they eat and talk a little more Peeta tells Katniss that Thresh is dead. After Peeta comforts Katniss and they go to sleep, the next day they went hunting and gathering. Before Katniss leaves Peeta she tells him to look for roots and berries. When she was hunting she went back looking for Peeta and saw the apple and cheese was gone. When she found him she started yelling at him for eating the food and he said he didn’t do it and that the berries he found were toxic. Then the cannon went off and then they saw the girl from district 5’s body then realized that she ate the poisonous berries and the food.
After talking for a little bit they realize that fox faces death wasn’t a good thing. Now that Cato knows she’s dead he will come looking for them. So they decide to look for another form of shelter. So they get their stuff and look for a place but then they just go to the cave. But they sit in the open waiting for Cato and when they see him he is running toward then with some type of armor but his speed doesn’t slow down and as he passes them Katniss notices the creature he is running from and their about a half a dozen more. So Katniss takes off with intentions of only saving herself
As Katniss is running she turns around remembering that she left Peeta with his bad leg. So she grabs him and follows Cato to the Cornucopia. They climb to the top and then Cato tells them that the creatures can climb. When Katniss looked down at the mutts and recognized the features on it. It had blonde hair, green eyes, and the number 1 on its collar. Then Katniss realized that it’s Glimmer. She starts looking at all the other mutts and notices all of them were the tributes that died. She even notices the smallest on. It had curly brown and big brown eyes. She knew it was Rue.
When she pulled Peeta up Cato grabbed him and Katniss aimed his arrow at him but he said if she shoots him Peeta will die with him. But Katniss shoots his hand but she grabs Peeta before he could fall. Cato fall into the pack of mutts and because of the armor it was taking a long time and he was suffering so Katniss shot an arrow at his head. Then the mutts ran off. They were happy and relieved until an announcement was made. They said that the rules had changed back to normal and that there can be only one victor. Peeta said he should be the one to die but Katniss had an idea.
She pulled out the night lock she had saved and said they will both die and they counted to three and just as they raised the night lock to their lips the announcer said stop and announced that they were the Seventy-fourth annual Hunger Games victors. As they went up into the hovercraft Katniss would not let go of Peeta, but when there on board Peeta falls to the ground unconscious. They took him to a table and started working on his leg. They place Katniss behind a door where she yells until they land and they jab a needle in her. When she wakes up, she finds herself in a room with no windows or doors are visible.
Then she notices that she can hear out of her left ear again and all her wounds and scars are gone. After they let her out she finds out that Peeta is fine and there is going to be a last interview. So she goes with Cinna to get ready. He puts her in a yellow dress with flats and a head band to go for a more innocent look. When she meets Haymitch he tells her the capitol is furious because she showed them up in the arena. And she is to say that she was so madly in love that wasn’t in control of her actions. She said ok and got into her position.
When she got on stage she saw Peeta and ran into his arms and they started kissing. And finally Caesar told them they had to start the show. And after the interview President Snow came out with a metal for each of them. Even though he had a smile on his face his eyes were filled with unforgiving rage. And the next day they had another interview. And they showed the clips of when Peeta and Katniss were in the cave and everything. And then Katniss found out that Peeta had to get a new artificial leg. She freaked out and started saying it was her fault. After the interview they took a walk along the train.
When Haymitch told them keep up the good work Peeta didn’t know what he meant. So Katniss told him that Haymitch had told her to act like she was in love him. Peeta was furious and stormed back to the train. But right before they stopped in district 12 he told her one more time for the cameras. His voice wasn’t angry but it was hollow. So Katniss grabbed his hand tightly dreading the time she would have to let go. The End 1. I loved the novel because it was exciting, suspenseful, and this book makes you about the future. 2. The main characters name is Katniss Everdeen.
She is a strong independent girl who had to provide for her mother and little sister. But when she was in the hunger games she started having feelings for the bakers’ son Peeta Mellark. She is a good character for this story because in the beginning she had to be tough but then she changed she became more innocent and started to show her feelings more. 3. Yes because in the beginning she was all hard and tough and by the end she was more sensitive and showed her feelings more. 4. Yes, and the book was easy to comprehend because even though the plot was exciting and suspenseful it was simple wording and easy to understand.

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