A standardized test made for a standard student

A standardized test made for a standard student cannot accurately determine the intelligence and performance of an individual. – THE TOPIC

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You will deliver a persuasive speech about an issue related to our everyday lives. Your topic should be creative and somewhat controversial. The topic you choose will depend on your interests, but it should be relevant, professional, and significant. The goal of this speech is to choose a current events topic and deliver a persuasive presentation to our class. This is a persuasive speech where you will argue in favor or against your topic. You will attempt to convince our class to think or act in a certain way. This is an individual speech. A list of References must be turned in with the outline in APA format. Your outline needs to be typed, double-spaced, in 12-point font, Times New Roman. 1. Within your outline and speech, you must use examples and facts.2. A minimum of 6 references must be cited in the outline. The sources can be websites, magazines, academic /science journals, books, and newspapers. You cannot use Wikipedia or as 1 of your sources.3. A list of your references will be turned in APA format with your outline.4. You must use at least 1 expert quotation and at least 1 statistic, and they must be introduced with a verbal footnote in the speech.
5. You must cite 3 of your references in the speech. You can do this by saying: “According to Fisher, ‘1 out of 3 people who…”. These are called verbal footnotes.

Every speech that you present should have certain elements and properties. The expectation is that your speeches will have an Introduction, Main Points, Transitions, and a Conclusion. For this speech, your Introduction should have 1) an Attention Gainer, 2) a Reason to Listen, 3) Speaker Credibility, 4) Thesis Statement, and 3) a Preview of your Main Points. Your thesis should be more creative than the first speech. Stock Issues is the required format that will help you make your argument persuasive. Be sure to include an ACTION Step for your classmates to complete after your speech. You must have some form of a transition between your main points (“Now you can all see what caused this horrific situation, so you’re probably wondering what you can do to help.”) You should cite evidence that proves your main points. Lastly, your conclusion should 1) Restate your Thesis Statement, 2) Review your Main Points, and 3) provide the audience with a memorable “Reason to Remember”.

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