This paper should be in full APA including a properly formatted cover sheet, headers, Times New Roman-12-font, etc.

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For each annotated bibliography entry, do the following steps in order:

Step 1: Once you have determined a source is credible (see link on credible sources if you need a reminder about what constitutes a credible source), do the full APA citations of the source. The citation will look like it does on your regular references page. The difference is, you will hit enter one time when finished typing it and will begin the next steps. Here are the parameters for your sources:

· You will need 10 – 12 sources by the end of the assignment.

· You must also have three (3) different types of sources. For example, you might have 2 journal articles, 2 government documents, 2 videos, and 4 webpages. Deductions for not following these guidelines are separate from the rubric.

· All sources used must have an author (may be a government agency), a date, and a title. Unless you are using a source for historical purposes, the source must be within the past 7 years (maybe more recent if your topic requires the most up-to-date information).

· Avoid sources like personal blogs, discussion forums, opinion-type news stories, and Wikipedia as they are generally not considered credible sources. There may be others to avoid as well. Use your academic judgement. Ask me if needed.


Step 2: Write your annotation/source entries (steps are below) after hitting “enter” one time after you have completed your full citation. Include the following items in full-complete sentences. These will be graded for grammar. Cover the following items in the order in which they are listed below:

1. What type of source it is– a Web site? a journal article? a newspaper article? an interview? What is this thing you’re using? And just state it— Example: This is a newspaper article. This step ensures that YOU know what it is, so you can cite it correctly. Using a citation generator should be followed up with double checking the citation. OWL Purdue is a good source of information.

2. Tell whether or not the source is credible. Discuss the following to establish credibility (no more than one sentence per question/cover all areas):


a. Is the source in-depth (more than a page or two), with an abstract, a reference list, and documented research or data?


b. Who is the intended audience (researchers, professors, students, general population, professionals in a specific field)?


c. What is the purpose of the source (provide information or report original research or experiments, to entertain or persuade the general public, or provide news or information specific to a trade or industry)?


d. Who are the authors? Are they respected and well-known in the field? Are they easily identifiable? Have they written about other similar topics? What are their credentials?


e. Is the source reputable? Is it published on a reputable, non-biased web site, or in a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal, and not from a newspaper, blog, or wiki?


f. Is the source current (5-7 years) for your topic? The exception is documents used to discuss the history/background of a subject. g. Is there supporting documentation? Examples: graphs, charts, illustrations or other supporting documentation

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