Advanced practice nursing has evolved over the past years. With many areas of specialty in nursing, there is bound to be intra profession conflicts. However, many nurses are well educated on ethical behaviors such as positive job relationships. In nursing practices, there are high levels of interproffessional relationships aimed at enhancing quality patient care.

I chose family nurse practitioner profession because it entails a wide working environment. For instance, one can work at schools, homes, hospitals, and community health centers among other working environments. In addition, after a productive term of job experience, one can open his or her own offices where state laws are favorable. Further, working with families creates an understanding and a professional relationship, which enhances better understanding (Hamric, Spross & Hanson, 2009).

 Potential Inter-professional Conflict Issues

There are various types of APNs; acute care nurses, primary healthcare nurses and clinical nurse specialists. In the working environment, decision making roles may conflict among these nurse practitioners. Consequently, nursing role limitations may also create an interproffession conflict. Most colleges only restrict certificate nurses practice, but they do not offer limitations for advanced nurse practitioners (DeNisco & Barker, 2013). This may lead to a conflicting environment among various nurse practitioners.

 How to avoid conflicts

In order to avoid conflicts, I would create a participative leadership style. This will bring colleagues together as a team. Furthermore, I would create a leadership strategy where all conflicts will be reported and solved through a particular procedure. Consequently, state laws regulate the areas of practice for nurses. Therefore, these state laws would help reduce conflict levels among nurses.

In most healthcare institutions, there are boundaries on various nursing roles. These boundaries create an efficient working environment with low chances of interprofession conflicts. Similarly, in some states nurses are prohibited from administering drugs unless authorized by a doctor. Certain laws limit interproffession conflicts. It is also important to respect other professions in your working environment and enhancing teamwork in order to achieve quality patient care (Trodd & Chivers, 2011).


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