Imagine that Clytemnestra is on trial for the murders of Agamemnon and Cassandra. You have before you, in the form of the text itself, all of the relevant evidence. Making direct references to and citing specific passages from the play, please do the following:

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Make the best possible case for her prosecution. (1 @10-sentence paragraph)

Make the best possible case for her defense. (1 @10-sentence paragraph)

Render your verdict. (1 @5-sentence paragraph)

In your deliberations, consider such factors as motive(s), premeditation, extenuating circumstances, the presence (or absence) of remorse, the laws and customs of her time, and the role of Fate or the gods in human affairs. Is either of her homicides “justifiable?” If so, on what grounds? If not, of what “degree” of murder should she be found guilty? What punishment would suit her crimes? Does she deserve exile, imprisonment, freedom—or does she get exactly what’s coming to her in the sequel?

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