Alcoholics Anonymous meeting

Alcoholics Anonymous meeting

Attend an online 12 step AA meeting. the one I’ve selected is Website: <link is hidden>

You do not participate just observe the group and answer the following questions below.

observe the needs and concerns of patients and their social networks addressed by the group

Write a 2 page page essay on:

1. Evaluation of group functioning – group meeting was able to incorporate discussions to support members. What is the philosophy and purpose of the group, the group’s success in fulfilling its philosophy and purpose, and a discussion of the group dynamics.

 of group dynamics – sense of solidarity and safety in the group. Were all members welcomed/accepted.

3. Utilize evidence-based related literature that facilitates the students’ understanding of the functioning, purpose and philosophy of the group.

4. Describe what you learned about the disease of addiction and your feelings as an observer.

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