Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr Duel

Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr meet at Weehawken on July 11, 1804 to end the long rivalry between both of them. The collision between Hamilton and Burr in 1804 was clear that they came from family backgrounds that have contributed to their rivalry. Burr was born into a prestigious social status and Hamilton being an illegitimate son of West Indian parents and had no connection. Therefore, he married Elizabeth Schuyler.
Where his father-in-law was a Senate and in 1791 G. Philip Schuyler lost his Senate seat to Burr. Due to Hamilton popularity in Federalist, he blocked the Federalists to nominate Burr for governor. Then in 1792, Burr declared himself a Democratic-Republican. John Adams called Burr “unprincipled both as a public and private man” Hamilton was a Federalist and Burr was a Republican. Both men have repeatedly opposed each other.
Hamilton owned the Bank of New York. Burr broke the stranglehold of the Federalists financers. Hamilton had lost the power of the purse and his political prominence all because of Aaron Burr. In that year, a tie between the Democratic-Republican candidates Aaron Burr and Thomas Jefferson, Hamilton in effort for denying Burr for becoming the winner for candidate, he favor Jefferson and crushed Burr campaign that let to Jefferson winning the election.

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On June 27, Burr formally challenged Hamilton to a duel, and Hamilton accepted because Hamilton political led him to refuse to deny the challenge. The duel wasn’t the result of the 1804 election but more of a culmination of their rivalry and disagreement between both of them for decades. Hamilton death was truly a tragedy for America because his efforts during American Revolution and Secretary of the Treasury.

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