Analytical Reflection Essay Focusing on a Theme

In this analytic reflection you will discuss the materials, themes, and group discussions from the Citizenship – Inclusion or exclusion? module.

All assignments submitted on time (by 11:59pm on Monday Nov 2) will automatically receive full credit (10 points) if they have the following elements:

Citation of evidence from  at least one scientific article, and at least one testimony from Chasing the Harvest.
Be 2-3 pages long.
Tips and recommendations:

Have a clear analytic argument –  Clearly identify the key theme or critique that you will discuss.
Use strong conventions of writing – It should be well organized and be proofread for correct grammar and spelling.
Review the groups discussions Collaborations for Weeks 9 and 10 to identify possible reflection questions or themes or to react to the discussions that took place in a different group.
Write in the third person.

Include titles and subheadings to organize your piece
Get creative! Name your own theory, suggest new directions for research, journalism, or film making, or weave in evidence from other sources.
Write only 2-3 pages. Any writing beyond 3 pages will not be graded.
You will be graded based on a reflection that Meets expectations (5-7pts), Exceeds expectations (8-10pts), or Below Expectations (0-4pts).

Scientific Literature:
– Torres and Young
– Valdez

Chasing the Harvest
– Heraclio Acete
– Oscar Ramos

When thinking about an overall theme:
This is an example she gave me from a previous modules.

Theme/Argument: There is racism towards Latinos in the U.S. in various settings.

Sub-Theme #1: There is racism among healthcare professionals
-Specific example(s) from materials that shows racism among healthcare professionals.

Sub-Theme #2: There is racism in the workplace
-Specific example(s) from materials that shows racism in the workplace.

Sub-Theme #3: There is racism in schools
-Specific example(s) from materials that shows racism in schools.

Conclusion: One paragraph wrapping up your argument.

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