Annotated bibliography

Write an annotated bibliography using eight sources. An annotated bibliography lists each source including the citation information as well as a very brief summary of the source and how you plan on using the information. The bibliography should be double spaced.

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1. Your citation should come first in MLA format, just as it will appear on your works cited page. Please use the new, 8th ed, MLA format.

2. The first paragraph should summarize the source, using strictly the main points. This paragraph should be objective and accurate with NO first or second person. It’s simply a tiny version of the original. You must, however, embed of a quote from the author, so readers can hear his or her specific words.
(Embedding is NOT Jones said, “…”!)

3. The second paragraph should cover two aspects: the credibility of the source and how you plan to use the source. Why is the article, book, or website credible? Who is the author? Is he an expert? Professor/Doctor/Writer with experience on this topic? Consider pages 260-265 in your Dialogues text for help in evaluating the source. The majority of the second paragraphs should cover the credibility. Your explanation of how you plan to use the source may be brief.

✓ This assignment should be double spaced.

✓ The citation you start with for each source should be in MLA format (including hanging indent and double spaced as well).

✓ Make sure each summary includes one EMBEDDED quote. You will lose points if you don’t.

✓ Just like a works cited page, your sources should go in alphabetical order.

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