What are the hypotheses for the ANOVA test? Be sure that you define clearly the parameters.
Are the conditions that allow us to safely use the ANOVA F-test met? Explain.
Note: To verify conditions, you will need to examine the distribution of CFF scores for each sample (because the samples are small).
Use StatCrunch to create side-by-side dotplots, histograms or boxplots (your choice) to examine the distribution of CFF scores for each sample. You can use either data format; choose one (stacked data in the first two columns; or unstacked data in the the last three columns). To create the side-by-side graphs (for either data format) see the list of StatCrunch directions below. Download the StatCrunch output window (your graph), upload it to your Stats-Class folder, and then embed the .png file (your graph) in your initial post. To recall how to complete these tasks, see the list of StatCrunch directions below.
You will also need to compare the sample standard deviations. Use StatCrunch to find the summary statistics, means and standard deviations for the comparison groups (select the the appropriate Descriptive Statistics StatCrunch directions from the list below). Then copy and paste the table into your initial post and explain how the rule of thumb for comparing standard deviations is met.
Use StatCrunch to carry out the ANOVA F-test (select the appropriate ANOVA StatCrunch directions from the following two options).

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