answer questions 340

Current event analysis

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Students will be required to select an article from the Workforce website.

Analysis should answer the following questions in no more than 200 words.

The analysis can be in narrative or Q&A format, however,

must follow APA guidance as to margins, font, and spacing. No cover page or reference page


A. What key questions or problems does the author raise and why (20 words)?

B. What information, data, or evidence does the author present to support the purpose of

the article (50 words)?

C. What key conclusion(s) is the author coming to? (20 words)

D. How is/are the conclusion(s) justified? (50 words)

E. What are the implications of the authorâ€s reasoning for the field of health

administration? (50 words)

In addition to the analysis provided on the current event, student will provide an oral presentation

to the class on an assigned date of the current event. The presentation provided on class will be a

maximum 5-minute summary of the 5 questions posed in the written analysis.

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