Answer Two Science questions


You should complete   2 (TWO)  . Each one should be a   double spaced, one page entry with one inch margins, 12pt font and name on the top  . Each topic paper is worth 5 points.


References (with whatever format you are comfortable using)should be included at the end of your paper.  

Please attach using one of the following formats (.doc .pdf or .txt). Please include both (if you do both)papers in one file. 



2.) Is blue sky polarized, is the sun polarized? Blue light reflected from a glass table polarized? Why do some sunglasses block glare of off water and others do not? What other applications are there for polarizers?  

3.) Discuss Chromatic aberration in a lens.  

4.) Why does a blue sky have white clouds? Why do the clouds appear red at sunset. What is the “Green Flash seen in some sunsets in Hawaii?  

5) IR and UV – Compare IR and UV traversing air in terms of velocity,  

wavelength, and energy. Also include some uses for IR and UV that you have researched.


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