ANTH 272 Africa Sec 3 – Essay Test 2

Here is the question for Essay Test 2: What everyday problems do the Azande people solve using magical means (supernatural or spiritual means, oracles, witchcraft, shamans, etc.) to get answers or solutions to their everyday problems, and how do they go about doing it? Your job is to explain the details in your own words. Suggested length is three paragraphs (about 400-500 words or 1.5 double-spaced pages). Longer is okay. Shorter is not likely to earn a high grade. More details is better. Organization and clarity are important. Use of anthropological terms is important.

Essay Test 2 is about Azande Witchcraft, and is based on the assigned film, “Witchcraft Among the Azande.” The link to the film is provided under Weekly Sessions – Week 6.

Film Link is Attached
PPT is Attached

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