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The first questions are opinion based so that you can begin the discussion immediately. You must apply your assigned readings to subsequent questions.

First, lets start with questions based on your opinion.

1. Think about this: Has there been a time when you had a question about something at work or in your home life that you went to research for the answer? You may have read articles or even popular magazines to seek the answer. Did you determine a good solution from the research you did? Where did you go to find the research? Did you ask experts or friends? Share with the class the question and how you researched for the answer? (share both formal and informal channels!) How satisfied were you with the result of your research?

Part 2:
Read the introduction of the article below, and then lets discuss the bullet list of questions.

People often decide whether or not they will read an entire research article after reading just the introduction.

2. What might be some advantages and disadvantages of deciding whether or not to continue reading a research article based off of the introduction?

3. Do you think the introduction is a good indicator of the entire article? Why or why not?

4.What might you read in the introduction that helps you determine if you want to read the rest of the article?

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