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Write a 500 word essay, using the 3 articles that I attached on code and programming. Talk about the following in your essay:

Essay Title: Code in Computer Programming

Section I: Programming Languages

1. What is a high level language and a low level language? What is the difference?

2. What are some characteristics/ key attributes of low level languages that make them beneficial?

3. What are the benefits and challenges of the C language?

4. What are key optimizers that a C compiler performs?

Section II: The History of Code

5. Describe the history of code

6. Describe Babbage and his analytical engine

7. Describe the ENIAC and the EDVAC

8. Describe the “Modern Code Paradigm”

9.  Describe John von Neumann and his contributions

Section III: Metaphors and Code

10. Provide a detailed summary of the article on metaphors and code (should be about 100 words)

Note: Do not make this a question and answer piece. It is an essay, so structure it like an essay. Do not type out the questions in your essay, you must fuse the piece together as an informative essay, targeted at the beginner level reader.


1. Title Page

2. Introduction & Body of Paper

3. Conclusion

4. Reference Page (listing in proper APA format the 3 articles)

5. In text citations must be used throughout the paper referencing the 3 articles

Product Requirements
You must complete in a Word document with a 11 point Times New Roman Font, 1.5 spacing with no double spacing between paragraphs.

Plagiarism Prevention

Cite any sources that you use. All work must be in your own words.

Plagiarism will not be tolerated in this class. There will be no “cutting and pasting” from the Internet, papers, or your classmates’ work.

The more sources that you use, the better your grade, so make sure you cite all sources that you use properly, in APA 6th Edition format.

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