Any topic (writer’s choice)

Virtual Friendship and the New Narcissism” by Christine Rosen

Write two argument paragraphs based on technology + self-identity

Here is the question AND FORMULA.
Does technology influence peoples sense of self and belonging ( negative way)?
Write TWO PARAGRAPHS following a formula:

How has the tech changed people (net-geners) in a positive or negative way?  (REASON)– behaviors

What characteristic trait has developed that highlights the change in a negative or positive way?  (ANALYSIS) attitudes

How would you describe it? (ANALYSIS) VOICE

How do you feel about it and why? (ANALYSIS)

What fact(s), example(s), personal experience(s) and expert(s) can you use to support that idea?  (EVIDENCE)

How do you feel and why (ANALYSIS)

What fact on the opposing side can you attack to add to the validity of your side? (ANALYSIS)                  VOICE

How would you interpret or explain all the evidence in a way to enhance or highlight the claim as truly good or bad? (ANALYSIS)

NOTE: a reason and evidence are generally not enough to make an argument. (FACTS) You must make the reason and the evidence LOOK GOOD or BAD.  (PERCEPTIONS how you see it and make someone else understand how “you see it” in order to convince someone–an audience.)

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