Any topic (writer’s choice)

Research paper will be double-spaced. Please include, as the first page of the assignment, a title page that provides appropriate identifying information. The paper assignment will require a minimum number of five pages of research (body text); that is, the title page, table of contents, abstract, references, tables, figures, appendices, etc. are not included in the total number of body text submitted. The student must properly cite sources in the body of the paper and must provide an appropriate list titled References as the last page of the written assignment. Every bibliographic source must appear in the text and be cited in an APA format. (1) No encyclopedias of any kind may be used as a source (e.g., Wikipedia).

(2) No quotations may be used in the research paper

(3) The textbook can only be referenced once

(3) No Internet sources may be included*

*Online journal articles, magazines, books, conference proceeding, etc. retrieved only in scholarly databases (e.g., Business Source Complete, JSTOR, Lexis-Nexis Academic, ProQuest, etc.) are allowed!

The student will be required to answer questions related to the video clip in a research format (i.e., Introduction, Literature Review, Arguments, Discussion, and Conclusions). The video clip is found at the following website link:

Your grade will be based mainly on how well you are able to utilize the material from reading sources to address the issues presented in the video clip. Your main arguments should be based on sources other than the book. There is a requirement of a minimum of ten sources (at least 2 different sources per page).

Analyzing a case is more complex than just assumptions. The following are some guidelines that should be followed.

Response to the main issues on the video clip by addressing the following as appropriate:
(1) What are the main international management issue(s)?

(2) What are the most critical mishap(s)?

(3) What is the most desirable outcome(s)?

(4) What are the possible solutions to the problem(s)?

(5) What actions should be taken, when, how, and why?

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