Any topic (writer’s choice)

Develop a project proposal answer following questions (you do not have to write too detail, but make sure answer all the questions)
What organization will you choose – Why
(Choose Chinese Hot Pot Restaurant called TianFuXiang Hot Pot, I choose it because I own the share of it, and I want to do it bigger and make it as chain hot pot restaurant in Bay Area.)

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What initiative? Challenge? Opportunity? will you select facing the organization that you will research, analyze and prepare a report with your conclusions and recommendations that you will present to the Board of Directors?

How do you demonstrate the value of your MBA, your experience and your personal qualities and skills to this initiative, challenge or opportunity?

How can you effectively communicate your data collection, analysis and recommendations in order to have the most impact?

how can the readers evaluate the design procedure, analytic tools and findings of the study?
How can they asses that the methodology section has been well-structured, written in concise, matter-of-fact manner, and provide answers to the following questions:
Why was the research necessary?
How were you able to collected accurate and useful data?
What tools and techniques did your research demonstrate?
How was the data used in your analysis and in the formation of your recommendations?
What is the basis/justification for your recommendations?
How realistic are they for this organization, as this time?
Where do we start?
What is the timetable for change?

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