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Imagine you just came back from lunch and found the email string regarding the proposed EOC staff meeting related in the scenario. It’s your plan to address the situation, and it’s your intent to do it in a single email that demonstrates leadership and a keen understanding of the issue, participants, and their associated dynamics.

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i’m so glad to hear that you’ve agreed to facilitate our team of emergency managers. Each member of the team represents an Emergency Support Function (ESF) as defined by FEMA. As the leader of the EOC group, your goal is to help this group leverage their collective expertise to distribute clean water efficiently to the people in Brown Trout Bay. I’m confident that with your help, this team will be able to work together efficiently to get this done.

As you work with this group of individuals, please keep in mind that this is a diverse group. As is the case with all working groups, you’re going to find these individuals have a variety of communication styles. Because this group needs to get to work immediately, you’re going to have to figure out quickly what each individual’s communication style isand you’re going to have to come up with a strategy for working effectively with this particular group of people and their combination of communication styles.

Describe your approach to constructing the email.

Describe possible causes for the caustic exchange depicted in the email chain. Consider possible core organizational issues. State any assumptions that you might need to make regarding the scenario to support your assertions.
Justify why your message would likely be effective. Consider content, tone, style, et cetera.
Explain your intent for how your message might impact future communications and actions among team members.

Part 2: Write a Response Email
Write an email that effectively addresses the email chain. It should:

Properly consider the audience, your position, and the circumstances.
Articulate a well-conceived solution to the problem.
Effectively end the thread completely and de-escalate the tension.
Send a message that this exchange was “sub-optimal.”

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