Any topic (writer’s choice)

create a PowerPoint presentation on Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement in any art form (Dance, Writing, Music, Animation, Photography, etc.), integrating points made by Ms. Phillipa Davies at the Information Literacy Skills Seminar on October 17, 2020.

To be presented orally for a maximum of 15 minutes in length, to include time for comments and questions. Students are encouraged to use visual aids or other media and other types of sources to support presentation.

The areas of focus include:

–          Introduction (3 slides) Clear Narrow Topic, Definition of Copyright and Infringement, Thesis Statement (of presentation).

–          Exploration of topic (3 slides) At least 3 specific examples, including local and global

–          How to Avoid Infringement (3 slides) At least 3 specific examples, including local and global

–          Conclusion (1 slide) Summary of discussio

–          References (1 slide) APA/MLA Format

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