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View YouTube (Links to an external site.) and type in Airline Passenger Protection. In recent years, airlines have experienced issues with weather, traffic, flights canceled, delays, overbooking, tarmac holds, conflicts between crew and passengers – the list is long and increasing. The Department of Transportation (DOT) has written rules which penalize airlines with fines if certain time frames are exceeded.

Note: Please see the reading section of this module for DOT written rules. Please try not to pick one another student has posted on. First come-first discussion posting.

Please number and state each question/statement and write a separate paragraph or paragraphs for each answer.

Title of the video (ex. Flightline Hazards)
Post a brief synopsis of the video. Include the link so others may view the video.
What are some main points that you found interesting in airline passenger management or lack of airline passenger management?
Summarize any actions you would take to prevent this from happening to your airline.
Review the Discussion Requirements for guidance on posts, replies, and form

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