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Beyond your desire to help others, please share specifics on what drives you to help others and how you would like to accomplish this task.

2. Discuss a personal experience or a current event which led to a new appreciation of diversity and an insight into how the context of the community, the country, and world influences the day-to-day experiences of individuals.

3. What can social workers do at a macro level to advance human rights or social & economic justice for diverse groups, and how do you think social work practice might be affected by societal trends?

4. Read the following scenario and give a brief discussion of how you would respond to this situation and how your actions would be related to the NASW Code of Ethics.

Imagine that you are a social worker at a shelter and are concerned about a person who recently froze to death because of refusing to come into the shelter. The city adopts a new policy to protect people who are homeless in the winter. City workers begin collecting all people sleeping on the streets and taking them involuntarily to shelters if the temperature falls below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. You also happen to be in a personal relationship with someone who controls funding for the shelter the more people who fill the shelter beds, the more money the shelter receives. A worried client asks you if he could get arrested for choosing to live on the streets rather than go to the shelter. What are the ethical issues involved? What personal values would you consider in making this decision? What would you tell the client? Would your answer change if you found out that a small percentage of the people who were homeless had an impaired mental capacity to make decisions? Please explain

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