application and impact of police institutional practices that encroach upon citizen freedoms and rights


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This week we will be focusing on the application and impact of police institutional practices that encroach upon citizen freedoms and rights while interacting with law enforcement officials. Please follow all of the directions below when submitting your PDF document. To receive full credit, all assignments must be completed.  1) Read chapter 6 and submit a 7500 word (total) analysis answering any 3 of the listed questions in the “Question of Review” section found at the end of the chapter. When writing, do not quote directly from the readings (please paraphrase as stated in the tutorials), and please properly cite your sources using APA format. Submit a PDF with your answers on Canvas using the assignment submission section. Please number each question being answered.  2) Go to the files section and read the article titled “Stop And Frisk Policies_Fradella & White (2016)” and answer the following questions (minimum of 100 words per question). Please use APA citation inside your essay per the in in the class   a) What are stop-and-frisk policies as defined by the authors?   b) What are the social costs? c) Which constitutional amendments do stop-and-frisk policies break?  APA format

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