Art history and trends


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Hope you are doing well , I have an essay about Surrealism art movements and I have to find a write about a connection between 2 art work and the fashion trends I have worked on .
I have all of my notes ready with shows my concept . I have also attached a sample of essay .

I am copying the part bellow from my course brief :
“Students will write a 1.500 word Essay (Coursework 1) that is related to their personal re-
search and analysis of their chosen topic. This will test students ability to critically analyse

information. This will test whether students have attained Learning Outcomes 2 and 4.

Students must select one of the following artistic movements and investigate their relation-
ship with current trends: Impressionism, Cubism or Surrealism.

Students must choose a minimum of 2 key works of art from the selected artistic movement
and then connect it and the key elements and identifiers to current fashion trends to prove
the influence of the artistic movement on the trends. The trends could be from past seasons
or current ones. (2015 to the present). For each key art work students must identify two
Couture garments from different designers, two mainstream brands and 2 street looks that
recreate, through the colours, prints, textures or silhouettes the chosen Art movement.

The essay has to start with an explanation of the art movement and the two art-pieces cho-
sen and then explain how they have influenced both Couture, mainstream brands and

street trends. Students should provide both an analytical and personal approach and in-
clude visual references to support their trend analysis.

The written essay should be supported by a full bibliography written in the correct Harvard
style and all citations and sources should be referenced.
Students must hand in a digital copy of the essay in a pen drive.”

please let me know if you can help me .

Looking forward hearing from you


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