Art Homework #2
A summary is a record in a reader’s own words that gives the main points of a piece of writing such as a newspaper article, the chapter of a book, or even a whole book.  However, when you read in order to write a summary, you must read in order to decide for yourself what the main points are.

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The Assignment
For the best results, students will complete the summary while reading each chapter. 
Then the students will locate the “Reading Summary” template below to complete the homework assignment. 
Reading Summary break down:
Part 1.  

5 bullets synopsis of the chapter
Like writing the synopsis of a movie: pull the most important five things from the reading [as if you were teaching this reading to another person]
Each bullet should be one sentence.
This is required for both chapters.  
Required for each chapter.

Part 2. 

One paragraph that explains the most important thing you learned in the reading, and why.
3-5 sentences
This is NOT another bullet, it is the most significant thing that had a personal impact on you.
Required for each chapter.

Part 3. 

Develop a discussion question about the reading for the class discussion 

Read Chapters 1.6 1.7 1.9 1.10; Gateway to Arts Third Addition

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