Art Sarcophagus

Art is a symbol for ancient history, religion and people. The only thing that we have from our past ancestors is their art that they left behind. For example the Triumph of Dionysos and the Seasons Sarcophagus is a type of art the ancient Rome left for us by like around the 260 – 270 a. d. which was made by an anonymous roman artist that made it of marble.
The Sarcophagus is a very well preserve piece of funerary art that is being preserve at the moment in the Metropolitan Museum for public display. Every detail about this art including the people and the animals are part of their life that they are used to draw then and for then that was a very big deal. The Season Sarcophagus is a well representation of the Roman funeral art.
The marble that is was made off it is said that it comes from the eastern Mediterranean and then it was send to Rome where it was used to create the Triumph of Dionysos and the Seasons Sarcophagus. There were only a handful of people that were able to purchase this sarcophagus, which it was most likely for for someone with social standards maybe like one of the member of the aristocratic families that were very important on Rome.

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Also there maybe another sarcophagus that is very similar or almost same in the Hessisches Landesmuseum in Kassel, Germany that has almost the same structure or composition of the Dionysos in the sarcophagus but also the treatment and the way it was cut the figure is very different. There are not a lot of sarcophagus left from the ancient Rome have survive this those qualities, which is the reason why it is so valuable and interesting.

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