ART376- Digital Photography

Assignment 1 (two parts):

Part 1:
For one 24 hour period you  will take absolutely NO photographs. Take note of when you are compelled to take one, and what is feels like to not take one. Every time you have the desire to take a picture, note what that image would have been. At the end of the 24 hours write a half or full page reflecting on the experience of not taking a single photograph.

Part 2:
For one 24 hour period you will take note of every single image you take no matter what medium you use to take it. Write down every single one and why you decided there was a need for an image. Take note of what made a “good photo” that day, looking closely at those that were discarded and those kept. What is the difference? Look closely. At the end of the day write a half or full page reflecting on why you were compelled to take those photos and what their use is.

Can you imagine not taking a single picture in a whole lifetime? Or being there as images were just being invented? What feels notable about how you perceive images now? 

Pictures examples:
– this like the nfl game which happened yesterday
– food
– views
– etc…

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