Article Belkin, douglas

To complete this assignment, listen to the recorded lecture on employment discrimination law, and read the article Belkin, Douglas, “SAT to Add Rating on Adversity For Students” (Wall Street Journal, May 17, 2019). Using these materials create a new thread in the Unit 3 Discussion Board in the Week 8 materials, and respond to the following prompts.  After completing your post, please also reply to at least two (2) other student posts by this assignment’s due date.  Responses to the initial questions and to other student posts should eachbe at least two hundred and fifty (250) words.
1. Why should employers notdiscriminate in making employment decisions based on a person’s race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability status, or age? In responding to this question, utilize an ethics perspective discussed in unit 2 to support your answer.
2. Is there a connection between employment discrimination and education discrimination? Explain your answer.
3. Average SAT scores vary based on race.  According to the College Board, Asian students have an average score of 1223, White students have an average score of 1123, Hispanic students have an average score of 990, and African American students have an average score of 946. SAT scores impact admissions at many colleges. Should the developers of the SAT include an “adversity” score to adjust the overall SAT score of students? Explain your answer using an ethics perspective discussed in unit 2 to support your answer.

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