assignment 2188

TASK -1 Write about cloud application security.

TASK -2 Research methods to Secure Windows Applications Policy and write a high-level procedure guide.

TASK-3 Write about the importance of an incident response communication.

TASK-4 Write about Security in SDLC versus Agile.

TASK -5 Write about Emerging Threats.

TASK- 6 Write about Evidence Collection Policy and write a high-level procedure guide.

Important : Please use citation which you have took don’t cite wrong citation which are unrelated, assignment will not be considered.

Note: Write 300 to 500 words in APA format for each task. Utilize at least two scholarly references for each task. Note that scholarly references do not include Wikipedia, .COM websites, blogs, or other non-peer reviewed sources. Utilize Google Scholar and/or the university library. Do not copy and paste bulleted lists. Instead, read the material and in your words, describe the recommendation citing the source. Review the rubric to see how you will be graded.

Recommended Resources

The following series of tables provide sources of supplementary information to augment your learning in digital forensics. You may consult as many resources as you wish.

Web References: Links to web references in this document and related materials are subject to change without prior notice. These links were last verified on September 25, 2019.






Getting Started with Windows Server Security

Santhosh Sivarajan



Group Policy: Fundamentals, Security, and the Managed Desktop

Jeremy Moskowitz



Mastering Windows Server 2016

Svidergol, et al.



Windows 10 for Enterprise Administrators: Modern Administrators’ guide based on Redstone 3 version

Stokes, Singer, and Diver



Windows Security Monitoring: Scenarios and Patterns

Andrei Miroshnikov



Certification Bodies and Certifications




A+, Network+, Security+, more




MCSA: Windows Server, MCSE: Productivity, Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate, more…




Admin Magazine

Windows Certified Professional Magazine

Windows IT Pro

Other References



Microsoft Security

SANS Internet Storm Center

Security Intelligence

Windows Community

Information Search

Use the following keywords to search for additional online resources that may be used for supporting your work on the course assignments:

  • Access control
  • Active Directory
  • Backup
  • Baseline
  • Encryption
  • Group Policy
  • Group Policy Object
  • Incident handling
  • Malware
  • Microsoft Windows administration
  • Microsoft Windows applications
  • Microsoft Windows security
  • Profile
  • Restore
  • Software Development Security Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Threats
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Vulnerability scanning

Writing Assignment Rubric

Novice Competent Proficient
APA Style and Formatting Points: 0 (0.00%)

The assignment lacks the use of APA formatting and does not provide proper citations or includes no citations. No references page. No APA headings. No APA title page. Incorrect font or spacing.

Points: 0.25 (12.50%)

Use of APA formatting and citations of outside resources but has a few instances in which proper citations are missing. Incorrect references page or mismatched citations and references. Some APA headings. Incorrect APA title page. Partially correct font or spacing.

Points: 0.5 (25.00%)

Proper use of APA formatting. Properly and explicitly cited outside resources. Correct reference page and the reference list matches citations. APA headings are utilized to organize content. Correct APA title page. Correct font and spacing.


Points: 0 (0.00%)

Submission lacks focus or contains major drifts in focus

Points: 0.25 (12.50%)

Submissions has an organizational structure and the focus is clear throughout.

Points: 0.5 (25.00%)

Submission is well organized and has a tight and cohesive focus that is integrated throughout the document.

Writing Skills and Grammar

Points: 0 (0.00%)

Assignment does not demonstrate graduate-level proficiency in organization, grammar, and style. Assignment is poorly written and confusing. Ideas are not communicated effectively. Student paid no attention to spelling and punctuation. Demonstrates poor writing skills.

Points: 0.25 (12.50%)

Assignment demonstrates graduate-level proficiency in organization, grammar, and style. Assignment is effectively communicated, but some sections lacking clarity. Student paid some attention to spelling and punctuation, but there are errors within the writing. Needs attention to proper writing skills.

Points: 0.5 (25.00%)

Assignment strongly demonstrates graduate-level proficiency in organization, grammar, and style. Assignment is well written, and ideas are well developed and explained. Demonstrates strong writing skills. Student paid close attention to spelling and punctuation. Sentences and paragraphs are grammatically correct.

Assignment Requirements

Points: 0 (0.00%)

Did not complete the required assignment. The paper had zero or one sources. No citation. Unsupported claims and opinions.

Points: 0.25 (12.50%)

Completed portions of the assignment. The paper had one scholarly source. Few citations. Unsupported claims.

Points: 0.5 (25.00%)

Student completed all required portions of the assignment. The paper included two scholarly sources. The sources were cited appropriately. No unsupported claims were made.

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