assignment contains many quotations that can be found easily in the articles above the questions

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  • Part I (15 points)

    • What problem is David Sinclair approaching this problem?(What is his background?)
    • Does he believe studying yeast cells can provide answers to ageing?Why or why not?
    • What were a couple of the motivating factors that led him to study ageing?
    • What does David say about the increasing number of senior citizens (economically?)
    • Does David believe that ageing is natural?
    • David claims 99% of all research is devoted to what three diseases?
    • What does David belong is WRONG with studying individual diseases?
    • Is the rate of ageing increasing or decreasing and how does this relate to health costs for seniors?
    • What happens to cells as they grow older (with regard to genes)
    • How can this process be reversed?
    • Does David support the mutation theory of ageing or epigenetic theory?
    • What does David claimSirtuins do in the body?
    • How does David claim Sirtuins are secreted (naturally) in the body?(What two activities can we do to release them)
    • Why did David want to stop practicing science?
    • What is the status of his research today?

    • Locate three articles that highlight research on aging and various theories on why we age. The research can also be related to research on how to decrease the aging process.(15 points)
    • Click on the following articles
      • Should we be treating one disease at a time?
      • -What type of research on aging is needed?
      • What are the common misconceptions surrounding ageing?
      • What are the ethical consequences of various treatments or practices pertaining to ageing?
      • Why might an elderly person be more prone to disease and viral infections such as Covid-19?
    • Attach your articles here. (either as a pdf or as a website)
    • For each article -write a short paragraph (roughly 250 words for each)
      • Summarize the research
      • What is the hypothesis surrounding why we age?
      • describe your reaction to the article, methods of tratment and whether or not you agree with the research presented
      • How does the research affect society?
      • Review the ethical approaches from assignment #2
        • Which type of approach did you use to come to your viewpoints on the research? (Utilitarian, Common Good, Rights approach etc)

    Weâ€re living longer but are we healthier? Ageing: The Exploding Myths: Write a short essay (roughly 350-400 words)- Describe your reaction to these articles and your outlook on disease and aging. You may site other references as well (for example you may want to utilize the articles you find in #1 above) (25 points)

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