Behavioral Genetics essay

Multiple situations and conditions can impair or influence human behavior in individuals. My hypothesis was genetics has the strongest influence on human behavior because of the inability to have control over heredity. Without control, how can one improve or change their behavior? Mental disorders can be inherited through genetics. Examples of genetically acquired mental disorders are schizophrenia and bipolar disorders. My personal experience with individuals with those particular types of mental disorders exhibit different behaviors that those without the disorder.
The way one interacts with other and the perception of that individual by society can be influences by mental disorders . My hypothesis was slightly changed after reading the article “Behavioral Gentics” by Joseph McInerney . McInerney provided in depth research that alluded to the fact that genetics alone does not influence human behavior. He believes that unless every person is tested a definitive correlation between genetics and behaviors will not exist. (J. McInerney ‘Behavioral Genetics” 24Aug2011) In case studies, researchers only test a select few and this does not provide enough information to prove or disprove genetics behavioral influence. According to McInerney, there may be others factors that may be present in conjunction with genetics that may influence human behavior. Behaviors are “the response of an individual, group, or species to its environment” (Merriam Webster Dictionary). Genetics are “a branch of biology that deals with the heredity and variation of organisms” (MWD). Through definition; genetics is not a factor for behaviors.
Genetics can be a factor, but does not necessarily have to be a controlling factor that influences human behavior. McInerney provided multiple sources of other studies that solidified his view. I made my hypothesis based on my personal experience of people with mental disorders that had a historyof mental illness in their family. I only had access to a minimal amount of people with this disorder and made an inference without proper investigation. After reading this research; I feel that my hypothesis was just an opinion that could be perceived as judgmental. I believe that the source was creditable site because it was a overnment website. I will not say that I agree or disagree with the information presented. The information was from one source. I would have to read every source that McInerney provided and research other sources that oppose McInerney findings. I learned that solely from reading someone else’s opinion that it affected and influenced my behavior. I am usually very decisive when I formulate an opinion. Normally my opinion is never altered due to someone else’s input. I have learned that many people make inferences and consider themselves expertise without more information from other sources.

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