Behaviorism, Cognitivism and Constructivism

We study about three psychological school of thought Behaviorism, Cognitivism and Constructivism. In this reaction paper I notice my opinion and attitude and personal analyze about them briefly.
One of the point that always think about it is that why some school of thought speak and focus on one factor of human being and deny many other factors of human nature as we see in BEHAVIORIST they believe that human nature like a tabula rasa and It assumes that each one behavior and acquisition either reflexes created by a response to sure stimulus within the environment.
They didn’t mention anything about inherited factors or inner of human obviously the environment, reinforcement and punishment play a great rule in acquisition but they ignore many aspect of human mind like creativity activity and looking a learner like automaton and passive creature. Radical Behaviorism maintain some important distinction with methodological form they acknowledge the view that organisms are born with innate behaviors, and also accept the role of genes and biological components in behavior. So it is more rational and moderate form of behaviorism.

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Cognitive theories center around the conceptualization of understudies learning procedures and address the issues of how data is gotten, sorted out, put away, and recovered by the mind. Learning is concerned not such a great amount with what students do but rather with what they know and how they come to get it. Cognitivism focus on that part of learning which deny in Behaviorism, mental activities of human mind they consider previous acquired knowledge, experiences and different abilities of each learners.
They emphasize making learning significant furthermore, helping students sort out and relate new data to existing information in memory. The role of teachers in charge of helping students in sorting out that data in some ideal way. Originators utilize procedures, for example, advance coordinators, analogies, progressive connections, and grids to enable students to relate new data to earlier information. This school is more practical and flexible for considering the learner as active creature.
Constructivism focus on learner and different aspect of attitude in every subject that learners can gain it. Individual and personal learning has a great role in their school. The learners in active mental process of learning should analyze and understand past experiences and adding them more details and knowledge through new experiences. We live in a real world we need practical knowledge that useful for our life so activity, knowledge, concept, culture, context are essential factors of process of learning.
Plainly the focal point of constructivism is on making intellectual instruments which mirror the astuteness of the way of life in which they are utilized too as the bits of knowledge and encounters of people. There is no requirement for the mere obtaining of fixed, unique, independent ideas or subtle elements. Every different concept can be true and juxtaposition of individual ideas are gathering in social constructivism. In brief word we need all type of thinking in our world and combination of them are useful and meaningful to create more mature human being.
In conclusion we can not select the best school of thought. Sometime we need to drill accents by repeation in some case we need to find out individual ability and rational and pragmatic analyze of our students. So I myself think all of them are effective in different situation and it depends on age and level of leaners and goals of lecturers. Combination of them can help us make an attractive method for language learner. Differ ideas and situation can challenge the students and help us to find out which one better work on every individual or group of learner.

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