Between Realism and Idealism

A great deal of conflict in the social life of individual people has been brought about by the existence of these concepts raising some questions of importance. Should an individual aim so high to an extent that is impossible to reach or aim average that is achievable?

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Should the individual assume on optimistic stand or a pessimistic one? Should the individual be good to others or fair to them? The existence of the various branches with regard to these categories proves that idealism or realism is never right with respect to all the branches.

The issue of idealism and realism as a debate addresses the issues of whether an individual’s life as well as actions should be good as has been offered by the dogma of the Christians way of life. The issue of whether the individual should possess a caring sense as well as be fair with regard to the daily life is a determinant of whether the individual is living in a realistic or in an idealistic way of life.
As for example, the issue of whether an individual an individual should drink or not depends on the stand the individual has taken with regard to the two extremes. It is evident that a person can drink and do no evil to the others while another person who does not drink at all may cause harm of significantly high magnitude to the life of others.
It is a clear fact that each individual person is potentially capable for being good internally. In a realistic sense however some people are so static with regard to matters of change. As pertains the issue of whether the individual should drink or not, the goodness or the fairness of this will highly depend on the stand that the individual has taken.
It is a possibility that one individual drinks and commits no harm to others while another person refraining from the activity may be of great trouble to other people. Furthermore the Christian Bible does not condemn drinking as an activity, but drunkardness as the effect of the activity (Tomuschat 83).
As a clear guide as to the best stand to take in life, a conservative approach to life is the most noble approach whereby the actions of the individual are determined by the need to be fair, obey the rule of justice as well as equality in a real life situation. It is good to make all the people get what is right for them, treating everybody in the same way and judging everybody the actions responsible for the person.
The decision by the individual to arrange for a Sunday trip will also depend on the stand that the individual has taken since the trip may exhibit different motives. A trip that is meant for good as well as for the service of others is justified even at the context of the bible (Tomuschat 113).
The contrasting belief is for people to live in a life of goodness, mercy as well as equality bearing in mind that every person bears intelligence which is a guide towards the actions taken, all of which are backed by some reason.
The capacity for understanding is a clear lead to goodness. A fair treatment to all the people is important sign if the individual underwent a bad life in the childhood or is subjected to unconducive circumstances that fall beyond the control of the individual is a result of poverty wages, there occur a requirement for compensation so that everyone enjoys life in an equal capacity. The negligence of other people is responsible for the actions of others in the light of the considerations of the fallibility of people. Human beings are prone to making mistakes and this is so natural.
A good person may be apprehended and aligned in the court of law for having committed a mistake. In the light of this argument, the possession of a Christian wife or otherwise similarly depends on the stand of the individual wife in as far as the two extremes of realism and idealism are concerned. The Christian wife is supposed to be a model for idealism, a stand which if defeated by realism, which bears potent influence to the behavior as well as the action of human, is equivalent with having a wife who is not a Christian (Tomuschat 213).
In the consideration of the argument between justice and goodness, non is comparable to what God is in a position to handle which is usually in a perfect way and being neither rebel nor conservative and offering a question less situation as regards the correct balance in existence between the boundaries of justice on one side and grace on the other.
In the case of the human being, who posses the characteristics of inferiority with respect to several aspects they can only grasp these concepts independently and one at every opportune time thus facilitating into parties of different orientations. It therefore important for an individual to lead a life of self awareness, that is instrumental towards the discovery of the stand of the individual with respect to idealism or realism.
Work cited
Christian, Tomuschat, Between Idealism & Realism. 2nd ed. USA: Oxford University
Press, 2004.


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