Biology Case Study

Case report attached

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4. The nurse reports that Indigo is extremely dehydrated and is given IV fluids. Why has Indigo lost so much fluid ? (Your should include the gastrointestinal AND renal process’ that have contributed to her dehydration.) (5 marks)

5. Both Olivia, Sally and Indigo have reduced Systolic and Diastolic Blood pressures and they also have elevated Heart Rate. Can you explain why their Blood Pressure is reduced ? AND: Why their cardiovascular system has responded to increase their Heart Rate. (Your answer should include and explanation of this cardiovascular reflex). (8 marks)


6. Indigo also has a reduced GFR. Why has her GFR reduced? (Your answer should include an explanation of what nerves and hormones are involved to decrease GFR and why this has happened) (7 marks)

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