BLACK WORLD HISTORY Final Project – Choose A Topic – Submit a Thesis Statement


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Choose A Topic – Submit a THESIS STATEMENT for Final Paper DUE Monday, October 16 by 11:59 viaTurnitin on Canvas

WRITE one paragraph describing your Final Paper. Why/ how did you select your topic? What is your tentative argument? Upload your paragraph to Canvas.

Part I

Choose a COMEDIC film OR TV show (2+ episodes) directed by a black filmmaker/ artist OR that features a black performance artist in the leading role and write a 5-page paper (12-pt font, double spaced) analyzing how the main characters demonstrate the intersection of race, class, and gendered identities. How do the characters illustrate the concept of “diversity within blackness”? Does the use of comedy reinforce or challenge negative stereotypes of blackness? If so, or if not, why? Please pay careful attention to how geographic location and historical context shape the characters’ worldviews.


TV Shows and Films to consider



The Boondocks

The Cleveland Show

The Jamie Foxx Show

The Steve Harvey Show



Central Intelligence

Ride Along 1 or 2

Think Like a Man

A Thin Line Between Love and Hate

Trading Places 


Grading Rubric for BWS 151 PAPERS & PRESENTATIONS



Answers the question directly and/ or states and explains a thesis. The argument is clear, coherent and complete, with a structured analysis and clear explanations of analytic points along the way.

PowerPoint, Prezi, or video presentation is well-organized and efficient. Clear organizational signposts were used.



Thoughtful use of sources (i.e. assigned reading/ viewing/ listening materials, lecture notes, class discussions). Persuasive use of images in The evidence used to support the analysis is accurate and appropriate to the point it is illustrating. Inclusion of proper citations when reference specific authors or source materials. 

PowerPoint presentation, Prezi or short video illustrates thesis. The presentation includes compelling and creative audio/visual aids. The audio/visual aids enhanced rather than distract from the message.




Paper is executed with intellectual rigor and creativity. References major course themes: “diversity within blackness,” racism, sexism, “intersectionality,” socioeconomic class oppression, etc. Critical thinking skills demonstrated at a high level. (The best essays demonstrate mastery of class themes and materials but go beyond them to readings and knowledge gained elsewhere).

PowerPoint presentation, Prezi or short video shows evidence of critical thinking. The author distinguished fact/data from opinion/interpretation.

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