breifing a walstreet jornals acticle refering one specified business framework

The goal of this assignment is for each student to be aware of current developments related to the ideas and concepts being learned in this course. During the semester (January-April), each student should skim the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on a regular basis, and spot ONE news story (NOT blogs, editorials, letters to the editor or other opinion pieces, press releases, advertisements or advertorials) relevant the themes of this course. When you spot a story, share the title with the instructor to verify that it is appropriate for your analysis and posting. Once you receive the approval, you should develop your brief to include:

  • Date, Authors†last names, and Article Title (in that order) of the Wall Street Journal article.
  • URL
  • Summarize the story in a few sentences.
  • Explain which concept from the course is relevant to the story. What insight did you get from the story?
  • It should be no longer than 2 pages.

As you read, stories that will appear in the WSJ might address topics such as:

  • Big Data in health care, financial services, ecommerce, sports, other industries
  • Business analytics (see also Big Data!)
  • Cloud computing and accounting, health care, manufacturing, retail, and just about any other industry
  • Digital media opportunities, risks, and issues
  • Mobile banking, mobile strategy, mobile opportunities and risks
  • Social media opportunities, risks, and issues
  • How IT is changing jobs, companies, industries, economies
  • Internet of Things, smart products, smart homes, smart power grids, smart cities
  • IT-related security breaches
  • Systems that crash unexpectedly (an ongoing problem with some stock exchanges)
  • Effective or ineffective IT Project Management
  • Competition and innovation in the digital industry

The theme of this class is “the impact of Information system in business”

The concept/framework could be used to related to the breifing could be: “the five competitive forces” or from the Ch1 through Ch6 of the following book in the attachment.

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