Burial Customs

The goal of this assignment is to identify funeral customs from Old Testament times and draw out the meaning of the biblical text in light of their symbolic use.

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For the first part of this assignment, compose a list of at least 8 specific funeral or burial customs(actions) mentioned in the Old Testament by reading the passages listed below. While not every custom was performed at each funeral, such customs from ancient Israel are often used by the prophets symbolically for Israels funeral or apostasy from the Lord.

1 Samuel 4:12
1 Samuel 25:1
2 Samuel 1:11-12
2 Samuel 3:31
2 Samuel 4:12
2 Samuel 15:30
Jeremiah 41:5
For the second part of this assignment, read Jeremiah 6:22-30. Explain in several paragraphs how Jeremiah (one of Gods watchmen, verse 17) uses various biblical customs (especially but not limited to funeral customs, 6:26) to relate Gods message to his own people.

Instructions: Papers should be 1-2 pages in length and written according to MLA standards, including a bibliography when necessary.

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