Can you think of an instance where you or someone you know was not committed to the organization, had poor job performance, or engaged in deviant behaviors on the job due to

Low Job Satisfaction
Too much Stress
Low Motivation
MisTrust, Organizational inJustice, or Ethical problems
Poor Learning or Decision Making
Personality or Cultural issues
Low cognitive or social Ability
Teams that were poorly designed or couldnt function effectively
Poor Leadership
A harmful or inappropriate Organizational Culture
Now assume the role of a Human Resource Manager at this organization. It is your responsibility to inform an executive within the organization (CEO, business owner, unit supervisor, etc.) of the issue. Write a clear and concise email to the executive summarizing the situation that occurred and the main factors that you think contributed to the problem.
Your write-up should be sent as an email to a company executive (me) and address the following issues: a) Give a brief background of the situation. Where did the situation occur? Who was involved? What other information would the executive need to know to understand the situation? b) Discuss the event or situation in detail. Tell the executive what factors you think contributed to the problem. Was the problem resolved? How? Dont worry about looking into the upcoming chapters. Here, I am not looking for you to apply any theory or relevant concepts but rather for you to give your own account of what happened and why.

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