business plan 118

You will be required to develop an opening, management, and financing plan for an entrepreneurial firm. The firm you choose can be at any stage of development: startup, early stage, growth, mature, etc. At the heart of any new venture is an idea for a product or service, and the belief that it is achievable. To begin this project, students need to determine their area of interest from which to create a viable business. A good business plan is essential to leading entrepreneurs to a strong strategy and successful execution of a business endeavor!!!

The plan should be a cohesive, well-written document that analyzes and presents sections such as the following:

1.Executive Summary

2.Management and Organization

3.Product or Service Plan

4.Marketing Plan

5.Operating and Control Systems

6.Growth Plan

7.Financial Plan

8.Supporting Documents/Appendices

Excluding the title page and bibliography, your paper should be five to seven pages in length, double-spaced.You could add one or two more pages if you need them for your arguments. Less than five pages would not be enough for full explanation of the issues.

Write the research paper in APA format

Support your work with citations, including at least three sources from outside of the text used for this course.

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