Business statistics

Your last paper is unique, there is no page limit. There are four parts Each part is worth 25 points:
CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve made it past primaries and you are one of two candidates on the ballot this November!
Here is what you need to tell me:
1. What office are you running for? State, local, national? Are you running for school board, or president (all are an option)? AND WHY? (25 points)

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2. What is your platform? (25 points)

Tell me why someone should vote for you.
What are your qualifications?
Why are you running?
And why are you the best candidate for the job?
If you win, what are the first things you’ll do in office?

3. How are you going to campaign? (25 points)

What is your marketing strategy for getting the word out about you and your platform?
Be specific, be creative! And put in (an estimated) cost.
Storyboard a commercial if you think that is the best method, what colors are your signs?
You don’t have to create any of this material, just describe it.

4. What is your campaign slogan? (25 points)
Have fun! Be creative! Be descriptive! I can tell if you put time into this– I do marketing for a living, it will be obvious to me!

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