The goal of completing this case study is for you to apply the theories and ideas you have learned from the Lussier book. (ATTACHED)

Read the case “CASE 9-2 OFF-DUTY MISCONDUCT ( Lussier Case 9.2, p.338 – 339 ), and answer the following questions in no less that one paragraph each.  Include reference to the facts from the case and citations from the book:

Case Study 2 Questions

1.  May an employer take disciplinary action (including discharge) against an employee for illegal off-duty misconduct?

2.  Which particular employee rights discussed in the chapter may be asserted by the employee and his labor union representative in this case?

3.  What rights does the city management have in this case?

4.  When conducting an investigation of an employees off-duty misconduct, what are important factors for the investigator to consider before recommending disciplinary action?

5.  When considering disciplinary action for an employees off-duty misconduct, what difference would it make if an employee is or is not represented by a labor union?

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