case study about USFP


You are requested to write a case study analysis of 1000 words on: USFP in a case study (USFP to deal with a crisis in one of the regions we studied in class).   The objective of the assignment: To examine a case, investigate possible solutions, and propose the solution you consider the most effective to deal with your case.   Guidelines for writing your case analysis:     1.      Select your case study 2.      Identify your sources (maximum 5 academic sources) (use in-text citations) 3.      Read carefully – highlight the important facts or information. (do not use whole paragraphs to avoid unnecessary length or plagiarism) 4.      Break your analysis into the following sections (but do not necessarily use the same headings):   ·       Introduction (background information on your case) ·       Background (causes – main factors – main actors – implications) ·       Possible solutions: introduce various solutions (minimum 3) – evaluate each proposed solution – Consider pros and cons – what is possible/ not possible – constraints – strength/ weakness … etc. ·       Proposed solution: select the best solution – use your critical thinking to convince us why you think this solution is the best – make sure it is a doable solution (realistic in terms of logistics/ positive outcomes to overcome the crisis or the problem) ·       List of references   In your analysis, you will discuss why the US policy to deal with the crisis was the best solution, if any, or if there was a better solution (always analyze and explain why) Consult grading rubric before you start to write.   Review the language before you submit your final draft

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