CE402 Unit 4 DBP

Assistance is needed in answering the following DBP:

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Multiculturalism and Diversity Parenting Perspectives
Parents play a significant role in their children’s development and learning. They are a child’s first teacher, nurturer, guide, and role model. Cultural patterns have a tremendous impact on parents’ ideas and practices and how parents raise their children. With this in mind, please answer each of the following questions:

Part 1: For Part 1 of the Discussion, explain the role parents play in children’s development and learning.

Part 2: For Part 2 of the Discussion, using specific examples from the course textbook compare cultural patterns in parenting styles and practices.

Part 3: For Part 3 of the Discussion, examine your own biases and perspectives on multiculturalism and diversity and how they are reflected in the way you guide or nurture your children. Please be sure to share how you prefer to be involved in their development and education in your answer.

Part 4: For Part 4 of the Discussion, identify specific ways you can support diverse families as an early childhood administrator.

APA Format, In-Text Citation & Reference(s).  350-400 Word Min.  Please and Thank You.

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