Censorship: Friend or Foe?

While some will make the argument that it depends on the authority of a child, some children mature less quickly than others. There’s no way of telling who can handle the material until it’s too late. Censoring in the beginning is like a safety net to make sure nothing offensive is being said. On the other hand, a high school student should be mature enough to handle anything that is thrown their way. By the time they get to that age, they already know a good handful of the stuff that administrators are trying to censor.
Offensive topics eke racism, sexual contact, rape, and homosexuality may be contained in the book being read, but In all reality, there is nothing more real to the book than there Is to a scary movie. President Obama said “censorship Includes teaching our children the truth about history and this country, which Is not currently done, since the education department Is a tool of the Liberal and their revolutions history to convert our country into communist society. Meaning censorship could be depriving children of the ability to learn about not only their country and government, as it seemingly being said here, but about the world and how it functions. As anyone could say, censorship is as easy a topic as politics or religion, there are so many different ways to look at it. In one hand there is the fact that some people are not mature enough to handle some of the points being made, and some of the things being said. While in the other hand, there is the fact that censoring a book of things that a child already knows is shielding them from something they have en before.
In response to both opinions, children are all maturing at different rates, the way of knowing who can handle such harsh topics and Ideas is only In the minds of the children. Censorship Is not helping, nor depriving the children of today. It’s Just a movement to try to protect the feelings of different beliefs. Censorship should be decided by the parents. As at C. J. H. , the children were given an option to read The Kite Runner: by Exhaled Houses, or Lord of the Flies: by William Gilding, leaving the anal option to the parents of the children by sending a permission slip home.

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