ch 6 amp the big decision video assignment

Read: Chapter 6 PowerPoint, continued

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Watch Video: “The Big Decision,” Clive Gillinson: – Quiz will include “The Big Decision” Video

Please write a 1.5 space paper at least 3 pages, and answer the following question.

SWA: Questions:

  1. What do Clive Guilinson and Steve Jobs have in common, if anything, regarding managing a business?
  2. What strategic actions did Gillinson take to turnaround the financially struggling London Symphony Orchestra?
  3. When Gillinson was hired as Artistic and Executive Director of Carnegie Hall, the famed venue was already financially and artistically successful. What actions did he take to change Carnegie Hall? Why did Gillinson and Carnegie’s board believe changed was needed?
  4. Gillinson was an accomplished cellist and mathematician. What, if anything does math and music have to do with leading and managing a business?

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